A Gift for the Divorce Party

Jean Hepburn Says:

What is an appropriate gift for a young lady who is throwing herself an “I’m Finally Getting Divorced from that Thug party” that would go along with a bouquet of dead flowers wrapped in silk ribbon that I am bringing to the bash?

My Advice:

I have gone to such a party and let me tell you, it was certainly educational! All of the guests were told to bring whatever they thought would be appropriate, and having no clue as to what that might be, I just drew on my experience from my own divorce. I was so young when it happened and yet so relieved to be rid of the life-sucker! No one had parties for this stuff back when I was going through it, but I knew how my friend felt as I’d watched her own life being sucked out for years by this parasite of a now ex-husband. Do I sound bitter? Nah…just realistic.

I made a homemade card with a picture of a hard boiled egg on the front of it and on the inside I wrote: You were a good egg in a bad yoke. I then had a copy of the announcement from the divorce section in the newspaper enlarged and framed, and gave it to her at her party. She loved it. Other gifts she got included a blow up man with no air nozzle, (making him completely useless) several bottles of champagne, assorted naughty paraphernalia and even a re-gifted crock pot with a note in it that said “I knew all along your marriage was a crock.”

There really aren’t any rules for a party like this per se, but sometimes just the acknowledgement of a bad thing gone good makes all the difference in the world to the hostess. That’s my 2 cents!

  1. This is what I need to throw a Divorce party, as I have just come out of a 6 year relationship I think this is something that will make me feel just great.:)

  2. Now this has to be one of they best things that I have heard in ages, not that I am going to have a divorce party any time soon, but this is something to keep in mind. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a fabulous blog! Though unsavory and probably one of the most difficult experiences to undergo in the world, divorce certainly can be a reason to celebrate. Maybe a tool set would be a good gift to bring to such a party? Something to celebrate her independence from the ex.

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