Going Green for Going Back to School

For those with kids in school, each year you have to go buy school supplies. My son is still in elementary school and at the end of each school year he brings back left over supplies that the teacher divides up between students. Which means we have a ton of crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, scissors, etc. that just keep accumulating at our house. Then for the new year I buy him all new supplies. What do we do? Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse of course! Instead of your home crayon collection growing and growing each year, how about putting them in a reused pencil box and sending them back for the next year? Who cares if the mustard yellow is a little worn, it still gets the job done! Another plus is that you aren’t buying new crayons which come in a cardboard box, therefore minimizing the waste of packaging. My son also brings home a lot of journals at the end of each year. Some of them still have plenty of blank paper, and in some cases were barely used. We use these for summer journals, artwork, and even to write down the plan for our summer vacation! Go Green for lunch too. Reusable containers and a lunch box instead of plastic and brown bags is totally cool, right? And if you need childcare, check to see if your child’s school has before and after care. This not only saves on gas and makes one less Day Care car on the road, but will make it easier for your child to participate in school activities which are great for the mind and body!

The past few years my sons teachers have always had quite a few Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse projects that really get the kids thinking about the environment. I think it’s great that kids these days are aware and do their part in Going Green! Feel free to post some Back to School Going Green ideas.

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