The Anniversary…everyone loves to be remembered…Anniversary literally means to return yearly. The Wedding Anniversary originated in Central Europe in the Middle Ages. Medieval Germans presented their wives with a wreath of silver for 25 years and a wreath of gold for 50 years. We now call them Silver and Golden Wedding Anniversaries. In the United States they simply began with paper and flowers. From the very first kiss to a life of wedded bliss, your anniversary represents love compassion and friendship. Whether it’s the first or the 50th an anniversary is a special time to share with your significant other.  The gift of flowers is very popular whether modern or traditional. Here are some flowers that represent anniversaries.

  • 1st Anniversary: Red and/or White Roses mean Unity.
  • 2nd Anniversary: White Carnations mean Pride, Beauty and Living for Love.
  • 3rd Anniversary: Bird of Paradise means Magnificence.
  • 4th Anniversary: Alstromeria means Devotion and Friendship.
  • 5th Anniversary: Bonsai or Topiary mean Stability.
  • 10th Anniversary: Pink Roses mean Friendship and Perfect Happiness.
  • 15th Anniversary: Stephanotis mean Happiness in Marriage.
  • 20th Anniversary: Pink and White Roses mean I Love You Still and Always.
  • 25th Anniversary: Sterling Silver Roses mean Love at First Sight.
  • 50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses mean Joy Gladness and  Friendship.

For a special anniversary I would love to suggest the Star Gazer Bouquet. It is absolutely beautiful, with a mix of Stargazer Lily, Pink roses, and Alstromeria. The lily and rose combination create a wonderful smell making it an all time favorite. Remember the ones you love with this beautiful arrangement!

  1. Thanks for sharing nice list of gifts on special anniversaries…

  2. Maybe my husband will get me the “Memories of Paradise” item 5587 next Thursday. Hint, Hint.. :)

  3. Wow Janet..great information!

  4. That is a very good and valuable information Janet. Thank you for sharing that with us!

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