Gift for a Colossal Family

Every year my family goes strawberry, blueberry, pear and even grape picking in the summer. Being in a family of 14 plus the parents and 11 nieces with nephews, we pick buckets full of fruits and usually it’s gone with in the first few days. With all this it makes me think that we are probably not the only HUGE family around here, there must be more! Well try sending a sympathy gift basket or even a Christmas gift to a family that is huge and not spend hundreds of dollars. In this case, there is only 1 option and that is to follow the following 3 steps.
Step # 1 go to
Step # 2 put product number 42 under gift search
Step # 3 type the zip code in and proceed with the order

This Colossal Fruit Basket has a big verity of different fruits to fill everyone’s taste buds not to mention perfect size fruit basket for any sized family and I guarantee it will not stretch your pocket.

  1. Luba you are right, we do pick BUCKETS of fruit and like you said its usualy gone with in first 3 days! Love this fruit basket!

  2. Great post Luba! I come from a big family too and I know what you’re talking about. A basket of fruit NEVER goes to waste when you have a hungry crowd.

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