Aunts and Uncles

Everyone knows about Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparents day but what about a day for Aunts and Uncles? I come from a great big family and some of my strongest relationships are with my Aunts and Uncles. Aunts and Uncles are the fun ones; the ones whose house I could escape to as a teenager. Growing up, they were the ones I could talk to when I didn’t want to talk to my parents. Now that I’m an adult and have a niece and nephew, I hope that I can be that person for them.

I just discovered that July 26th celebrates those special relatives. I think this year I may send a little something to my favorite Aunt and Uncle. Nothing big, just a little something to show them that I’m thinking of them. GiftTree has a Monogrammed Mug that I think would be just perfect. I can have their monogram engraved on the lid and it comes already gift-wrapped which makes it even better! So, come July 26th, let’s make our favorite Aunts and Uncles feel special on a Holiday just for them.

  1. Every Friday before Mother’s Day I give all the Aunts I know that dont have kids a present for “Aunt’s Day” I am with you on that!!!

  2. This might seem weird but I HATE when my nieces and nephews call me Aunt Luba.. I always have to correct them, it’s just Luba, not Aunt Luba :), But I must admit, I love being an aunt and most of all spoiling them!

  3. Sometimes I think I was better at being an aunt than I was at being a parent. I think it was because as a parent I had more to worry about than looking “cool” to my kids. My nieces and nephews however thought I was the greatest, because I always told them stories about my sisters (their moms) growing up. Even when they were angry with their parents, a little story about how their mom dealt with similar things always did the trick. I love being Auntie Penny!

  4. I agree. Aunts and uncles should be recognized for our fun, coolness! I hope I can still be the “fun aunt” after I have my own kids…

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