Summer Scents

The dog days of summer are upon us. The other night I walked to the store and the smells of summer were everywhere. The extreme heat of the day left the smells coming from the trees and flowers a wonderful sweet aroma. We have a variety of rose bushes lilacs and lily plants on my walk as well as lots of flowering trees. It has been discovered that certain scents can have an effect on emotions and wellbeing. The orange blossom or lavender can act as a sedative while the citrus scent is a great pick me up. The white and pale flowers have the strongest smells like the oriental lilies tuberose and narcissus. The freesia is the exception being darker red and pink but still with a very strong smell. The chrysanthemum has a spicy peppery scent. The waxflower has the citrus lemon curd smell. The gardenia and oriental lily have a heavy exotic scent, while the rose, carnation, freesia, lilac, hyacinth, and sweet pea have a sweet smell.

An article in the National Geographic said “Soon it may be harder to stop and smell the roses. Growing levels of air pollution from power plants and cars have reduced the potency of flower fragrances by up to 90% compared with pre-industrial levels in the US.” With that in mind remember to enjoy the beauty summer brings. Get outside and smell the natural fragrances of the flowers and trees. Plant a rose bush or a flowering plant. Order an arrangement like, The Fields of Europe, to brighten up your table. It really is one of life’s little pleasures!

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