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GiftTree customers often look to our customer service representatives for gifting advice and card message suggestions. Our customers rely on our expertise and we take that trust seriously. We’d like to hear your questions so we can answer them here at The Gift Exchange in our Ask an Expert category and allow others to benefit as well. Do you want to know what price range is appropriate for a “thank you for the referral” gift? Do you wonder if a gift for your boss should be gender specific or more generic? Do you want to know what the best break up gift is? Trust me, we can answer all of these questions and more.

Submit a comment to this blog post with a gifting question and you’ll be entered to win. We’ll choose five random entries to win GiftTree t-shirts. Deadline is Midnight (PST), Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008.

For another chance to win, put a link to this contest or the GiftTree website ( on your blog, chat board, discussion group, forum, or appropriate website and you’ll receive another entry. Simply submit a comment to this blog post with the link information. You can submit additional entries for each website that you post a link on. Please be certain that posting this link to a public forum or other site does not violate any rules of the site.

The winners will be emailed and congratulated in a blog post on The Gift Exchange. Thanks for playing!

  1. How long after a wedding may a wedding present be sent?

  2. What would be an acceptable amount to spend on your child’s schoolmate’s birthday present?

  3. what do you give a in-law that you cant stand?

  4. What is the present to get a person who is a quadriplegic? Or what are some good ideas?

  5. Is there a polite way to ask where your gift is from someone who completely forgot your birthday?

  6. Not that this comes up very often…but what on earth do you get for someone who says she is celebrating her divorce? I know that not everyone grieves the loss of a relationship but what is really appropriate for someone who now is suddenly single.

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