Help for a Tired Mom

So, I’m brand new here at GiftTree, as well as being a new mom. My 9 month old daughter is going through a really tough phase that I know many parents struggle through, the not sleeping phase. I am completely exhausted! Not only am I trying to negotiate a new working environment and learn my job, but I have to accomplish this with only a few hours of completely interrupted sleep a night. Do you seasoned moms or dads out there have any suggestions?

One idea I’ve heard about is the Lullaby Lamb. One of the great perks of working here is that we have a lot of the items available to look at and test. When I first saw this little guy, I really liked how simple and old school it looked. Then, I could not believe how incredibly soft it is. I mean like butta! I wasn’t sold yet though. Most of the time I find the “soothing sounds” in similar items I’ve checked out, are not so soothing but actually quite annoying, but these were simple and nice. Also, my little girl finds that she must travel from one end of the crib to the other like a little baby NASCAR or something, but with the Velcro strap on the back, this little lamb won’t be tempted to get on for the ride. I am excited to give this to my little one and to try out some of the other baby gifts.

Seriously, this working mom could use some words of wisdom from you parents who have been there, done that. My dreams of solid slumber are depending on you!

  1. As a grandma, I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve when it comes to getting a baby to sleep for more than an hour or two. But, if you don’t have an on-call grandma (as if!) check out this website called and you should be able to start getting some sleep by the end of the week. All of my kids swear by this site, and it is packed with new mom info that will be indispensable to you. Good luck!

  2. This might seem silly but it works… My sister just had her baby and he is such a mommy’s boy she can’t leave a house with out him screaming for her. One of her friends suggested to leave the shirt she is wearing at the time next to him. Maybe you should try that and see what happens. This way the baby can smell mama’s presents and won’t cry as much at night.

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