Belated Birthdays

I’ve done it, you’ve done it, some people are notorious for it: we all forget birthdays from time to time. Birthdays are obviously a very sensitive time of the year for most people and the timely recognition of one’s birthday is often paramount to the gift.

So what do you do if you do forget a loved one’s birthday? Don’t make excuses – just say you are sincerely sorry and then kill them with kindness. Of course, be sure to get them an over-the-top birthday gift to show just how sorry you are. In fact, if you get them a grand enough gift, you can put an end to your driveling apology because the gift will speak for itself.

Some ideas on our site: Happy Birthday Champagne and Chocolate with Dom Perignon. The mere mention of this famous champagne gives people a rush, making it adequate for your belated birthday gift. Flowers are also a safe bet, especially if you remember that this is one situation where bigger is better. Who can be angry when they can hardly navigate through their house without getting a face full of roses? Check out the Superlative Rose Bouquet and good luck!

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  1. I sure hope you have a wonderful birthday on the 8th! It is one of three birthdays I will never ever forget!
    Love you and miss you,

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