Gift Giving

Sending gifts, what a great way to say thank you, happy birthday, cheer up, or even I’m so happy that you are my sister. There is so much satisfaction to be had in the simple act of choosing just the right gift for someone special. It always seems to take people by surprise, as if gift giving has gone out of fashion.

A long time friend of mine was recently hospitalized unexpectedly. He was in there for a week and a half. He was scared and alone. I sent a fruit basket to cheer him up and also to save him from the dreaded low salt fare that passes for food. Every time I talked to him, he thanked me again for the wonderful fruit basket. He said everyone commented on how nice a fruit basket is compared to the inevitable flowers, which are useless when you are hungry.

My friend also told me that I was the only person who sent him anything. At the end of his stay, he still had fruit left to pass around to those great nurses who took such good care of him. It made me sad to think that if I hadn’t sent that gift to him, he would have had gotten nothing. I think we should all make a concerted effort to bring gift giving back into style!

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  1. That is so true Jeannie! Not only are you making others feel good by giving them a gift but also it makes YOU feel good for doing the right thing.

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