It’s Set in Stone

Remember back in the day when you were a kid, wandering down the street with your friends and you come across some freshly poured concrete and you absolutely can not resist planting your hand right in it? Did you ever put your initials or the date next to it? I did, as a matter of fact as a kid my parents laid a slab of concrete in our back yard and all of us kids put our handprints with the date and names next to it. We’ve all long moved away and I often think about that place with all of our memories. When I have kids I want to be able to produce those same memories, although I don’t want to have to leave them behind. I was browsing through our New Baby Gift Ideas and came across the Baby Handprint Tower. We had a similar gift for as long as I can remember, but this is a new one with an updated look! These are great for preserving your little ones prints for 3 different uses. Capture those little digits in these cute little tins full of nontoxic plaster. The best part is that they travel.

  1. On a bridge overpass on 122nd & Halsey in Portland OR, there is a proclamation that was scrawled into the handrail when the cement was still fresh. “Penny + Randy = Love 4-ever 7-9-76″ Some crazy young kids!

  2. I remember once when I was a kid, my sisters and I saw a chocolate cake on the kitchen counter. We weren’t tall enough to see over the counter, so we reached up and stuck our hands in the cake and then licked the chocolate frosting off our fingers. Then my Mom walked in and said “did you girls eat the cake?” and we said “NOOooooo”. Not only was it obvious from the handprints in the cake, but the the guilt was spelled out all over our chocolate faces.

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