Wine Tasting Flights

One of my favorite summer activities is loading a car up with friends and family and heading out to the beautiful Oregon wine country to go wine tasting. Not only is the scenery spectacular, but wine tasting is a very social, sensory experience and simply a great time.

When you arrive at a winery, you will frequently see and hear the word “flights.” Tasting Flights” do not have anything to do with airplanes. Rather it is a term used to describe a selection of wine, usually between three and eight smaller-sized glasses, each with one to two ounces of wine. Typically the winery will supply you with an informational sheet that tells you about each wine so that you can taste and compare. Also, flights are usually themed by region or vintage.

You do have to pay for flights, unfortunately, and they typically run from $5 to $15, depending on the quality of the wine being sampled. Not to worry, though – many wineries provide free samples of their most popular varietals.

Not only do Tasting Flights allow you to try some phenomenal wines that may otherwise be out of budget, but it gives you the opportunity to find new wines for yourself wine gifts for others. Have fun!

  1. Wine tasting flights can be a romantic day for many occasions. That’s one of my favorites and it’s always lots of fun.

  2. Chateau St. Michelle, which is just north of Seattle, in Woodinville, Washington is a great winery to visit also. They also have a beautiful outdoor concert area and a variety of shows all summer long. We feature a few of the wines from them in our baskets!

  3. I haven’t. When is it? Where is it?

  4. Amy, Have you ever been to the Jazz and Wine Festival? I’ve been there once and loved it! You should go, it’s lots of fun!

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