Celebrating Half-Birthdays

A half-birthday is a day six months before or after a person’s real birthday. While most half-birthdays go unremarked, many people whose birthdays fall around Christmastime will choose to celebrate on their half-birthday instead, saying that the holidays are just too hectic. Or could it be because they just want more birthday gifts?

Either way, it’s fun to figure out when your own half-birthday is. Check out this handy calculator. Now that I know when my half-birthday is, you can bet that I will use it as a reason to celebrate and will give myself a half-birthday present!

  1. My birthday is Christmas also, and as a kid my grandparents always did something special during the summer no matter what. The presents every year were more for b’dy one year and then Xmas the next but always knowing something special would happen in the summer.

  2. My son has a summer birthday and at school they celebrate the summer birthdays at their half-birthday. Pretty cool if you ask me.

  3. My little brother was born 12/23 and always celebrates is un-birthday is July.

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