The Perfect Urban BBQ

The first official day of Summer is June 20 and I can’t wait! Warm weather, water fights, vacations. It’s my absolute favorite time of year! And one of my most favorite things to do is barbecue. I love inviting friends and family over for hot dogs and steaks hot off the grill. My husband and I are lucky enough to have a nice big back yard to barbecue, but if you’re living in an apartment or condo without a big yard, fear not! GiftTree has come out with the perfect solution: The Urban Grill Set with Recipes and Music. It’s this really cool stainless steel grill with a removable cooking grate. It sits on retractable grill legs, so it’s perfect for a barbecue out on the deck. It also comes with recipes, tips, even music to dance to! While you’re cooking up those hot dogs, you can snack on some caramels, pistachios and almond roca that also come with it. This is my absolute favorite GiftTree gift!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this gift… I’ve purchased this item for my dad for father’s day and he just LOVED it and now he wont stop bragging about this cool grill his daughter got him. Now he is planning a fishing trip to the ocean where he will be grilling the fish he just caught. Thank you Judy and everyone else that made it happen my father absolutely loves this gift!!!

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