Picnic Stix

Wine Gifts: Picnic StixThe blanket is spread on the grass, you and your partner unpack the picnic hamper–a loaf of bread, artisan cheese, some grapes and a bottle of wine. You’re looking cute and he’s looking handsome. That is, of course, until one of you knocks over the wine bottle and a river of your favorite vintage trickles everywhere. Nobody’s having fun now except the ants! If this scenario is all too familiar, check out one of our newer gifts for the summer. Whether at the beach or on a rolling expanse of fresh green grass, the Picnic Stix securely hold a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. I particularly like them at the beach. It keeps the sand off the bottle and the glasses as well as preventing spills.

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  1. I love this gift. It is now easy and convenient for everyone who loves the picnicking experience. I am going to give this to my sister for her birthday. She loves to go to the Jazz Festivals in the summer. This will be ideal.

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