Give the Dog a Bone

Pet Gift Baskets: Dog Bone Treat jarMy husband and I have a big old loveable black Lab we rescued about 5 years ago that we named Gunner. When Gunner looks at our garbage can he sees a giant snack bin, an endless source of exotic food that he has never tasted and will die if he doesn’t. He has gotten resourceful at getting to it too. A few years ago, we had to resort to putting the can on a high shelf in the garage because he was constantly raiding it. That didn’t stop him. We came home to a trail of eggshells leading up to him and an orange peeling stuck to his fang that he was desperately trying to shake off. He’s even tried framing our other dog by putting garbage in front of her and then running away. We tell everyone that he has food issues from his sketchy past before we found him.

Still, there are times when he will strut past the garbage can in an aloof manner as if to thumb his nose at his trash addiction. I know it’s killing him and he’s only putting on an act for our benefit, but we still give him a treat for exercising such amazing willpower. The Dog Bone Treat Jar in our pet gifts section is a perfect alternative to the “snack bin” we currently have. Maybe it will help Gunner stop looking in sordid places for the snacks that he craves? Maybe he will be cured of his food issues once & for all? Maybe I won’t have to store it on a high shelf in the garage? It’s definitely worth a try!

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