Are You a Tea Lover?

Tea is a widely consumed beverage and these days you can find so many varieties that it is almost impossible to choose. It’s almost as if it’s a lifestyle, like riding a Harley Davidson! I know quite a few people that collect tea, tea pots, tea accessories, anything related to tea. I have bought my mother so many tea “things” that you’d think I’d be out of choices at some point or that she’d get sick of always getting a tea gift. But there’s always something new and innovative to choose from and the tea lovers I know never get sick of it. As GiftTree expands it’s tea line, I’d like to recommend a few that I have ordered myself. The Duet Tea Set by Tea Forte is one of my current favorites. To me it looks very elegant, classy, and impressive for any tea lover. I’ve also purchased the Polka Dot Teacups. We offered various teacups sets over the years and my Mother has every one of them. I’ve also taken a few out-of-town tea lovers I know to the Portland Classic Chinese Garden when they come to visit. It has a wonderful Teahouse that allows you to sip authentic Chinese tea while in a beautiful setting. What is your favorite place to enjoy tea? I’m curious to hear of other tea venues!

  1. drinking Harley tea while riding a Harley? Now that’s an experience!

  2. My whole family is also tea drinkers and whenever we have guest over we always offer tea. Anyways, my favorite place to drink tea would be driving in my car on my way to work!

  3. Before moving to the Northwest, I was a hardcore tea drinker. I will tell you one place NOT to drink tea: your car on your commute to work. Imagine hot water spilling all over you as you desperately try to shift…not very much fun.

  4. My favorite place to drink tea is on my love seat, on a dreary Pacific Northwest day, sitting next to Mr Wonderful with a cup of Owl Brand Chrysanthemum with honey tea. Tea makes a gray day instantly nicer!

  5. I have Harley Davidson tea!

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