A Sweet Way to Say Thank You

When I first sampled the Thank You Cakes, I really didn’t know what direction I would go in writing about them. Should I write about different traditions in other countries? Should I write a quick story about the best thank you gift I ever got or gave? Decisions, decisions! Instead, a little poem started forming at the back of my head and I thought to myself, why not? So here it goes for all of you closet poets out there like myself:

Thank You.
Somehow those two words
Say an awful lot~
They tell someone that they were there
Somewhere in your thoughts~
So just imagine Thank You
All spelled out in luscious icing~
On dainty little petit fours
Within your budget pricing~
Let Thank You be a treat to eat
Not just some words to hear~
Let them eat cake and think of thanks
All throughout the year~
Take my advice and give a slice
Of Thank You to your friends~
And you will be the one who reaps
The sweetest dividends!

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  1. I love your poem! Have you thought of including it on a card with the gift? I think that would add the perfect finishing touch.

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