A Gift for the Whole Family

Baby Gift Baskets: Mother Goose TowerNeed something BIG? We have it! Don’t you hate it when you have a group of people pool their funds together to get their friend or co-worker a new baby gift and you end up with so much money you have to get a bunch of gifts in separate boxes and none of it goes together? Well, check out the Mother Goose Tower in our New Baby Gifts section! This thing has something for everyone in it. The very top tower is filled with candles, bath salts, tea, shower gel and lotion for Mom & Dad to enjoy. The middle box is filled with an assortment of organic cotton sleepwear. It also has a super cute picture frame with a first tooth and first curl box. I’ve never seen anything like that before. The very bottom has a cuddle bear for the new baby to cozy up to at night while wearing his new pj’s! Even the boxes are cute. They are hat box style containers with Mother Goose characters on them. Perfect for storing anything!

  1. The baby shower went well, and there was absolute oohing and aahing when this gift was opened.

  2. I just purchased this for a baby shower I’m going to next week. The pictures and description don’t even come CLOSE to describing this! It is one of a kind!

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