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My kids think I’m a great cook, but believe me when I say that I used them as guinea pigs when they were still living at home. One time I accidentally put curry powder instead of cinnamon in my pumpkin pie recipe at Thanksgiving, and another time I made a meatloaf and added ½ cup of dry mustard instead of ½ teaspoon. They still won’t let me live it down.

If only someone had been clever enough back then, to invent the Green Basics Organic Spices set that we have now. Pure genius whoever thought of making these one teaspoon spice packets! Tuck these into a gift basket for the newlywed or new home owner, and you’ve spared an innocent family years of untold cooking grief! No more messing up the lasagna or spaghetti recipes, everything is pre-measured.  Superior quality and a great gift for the cook in the family make this a win-win situation. You’ll love the fresh organic spices, and they’ll love the tasty feasts you prepare with them, (unless of course you use them in the wrong dishes.) Do you have any great cooking follies you’d like to share?

  1. For my first Thanksgiving dinner,living away from my parents, my room mate wanted to help by making gravy. He’s a “Great” gravy maker you know. He was stirring and stirring and finally said I can’t get this gravy to thicken. Unfortunately my canisters were not marked. The one he thought was flour..was really powdered sugar. ewww sweet gravy…

  2. I have a really bad habit of reading recipes so quickly that I don’t pay much attention. It will say a teaspoon of this and I put in a tablespoon. It says do a half cup, I do a cup. Thus resulting in horrible tasting food!
    One time my husband was making Cinnamon toast for breakfast. He went to the cupboard to get the cinnamon out, but he didn’t read the labels on the jars. He ended up making Cumin toast. He said it tasted horrible but he’s kind of a cheap guy and refuses to throw away food. He didn’t realize that it was cumin until he went to put the ‘Cinnamon’ away!

  3. One time I completely forgot sugar in my pumpkin pie, it was really gross!
    My husband absolutely had to try liver and onions not too long ago. I personally do not like it but figured I would choke it down once in a while if he decided he liked it. So I made it and as much as I don’t like liver and onions it turned out okay. He took one bite and spit it out in the garbage! He then started wiping his tongue off with his t-shirt and any dish towel he could find. He told me to grab my purse, that we were going out to eat. I got a good laugh out of it…

  4. One time I put baking powder in a banana bread recipe instead of baking soda. The bread came out of the oven really dark and really salty. So I made another one and did the SAME THING. 2 dark salty banana breads in a row. Then another time I burnt something I baked so bad that smoke started billowing out of the stove and the windows and my neighbors called the fire department. That was embarrassing. Oh, and one time I made a turkey that came out hollow. I cooked away all the meat. But I still like to cook and experiment. Luckily my husband will eat anything, we call him the “garbage disposal”.

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