Creative Gifts for the Happy Couple

Wedding season is right under our noses, which means wedding gift shopping in full force. I have two different friends that will soon be marrying their long time loves. Both couples have established homes and are not planning to register for the traditional china and towels. Sometimes that can make selecting the perfect wedding gift a little more challenging. This is just one more time that I love working for GiftTree. I get to rely on our designers who have far better taste than I do. They make me look good at every gift giving occasion! What would I do without them…What have you done without them? I’m curious what your favorite wedding gift has been, whether it was a gift to you or an ingeniously creative gift you have given to a happy couple. Share your favorite wedding gift with us and you’ll be entered to win. The Gift Exchange contributors will choose our five favorites. The winners will each receive GiftTree t-shirts. Thanks for playing!

Deadline to Enter: Midnight (PST) Tuesday, May 20th.

  1. Sometimes (rarely) you come across a blog or site that is what it says it is, and this is one of those. I love your site and will be back for more. It’s bookmarked! Jennie Potts

  2. Someone gave me a diaper pail!!! I guess they thought that I was pregnant. No name on the gift and no one has said it was from them????

  3. My one and only wedding gift was a set of asst. glasses.:)

  4. My skillet.

  5. Money we got enough for a down payment on a house

  6. a beautiful photo album :)

  7. My uncle is a woodcarver and he made my husband and I a beautiful salad bowl set with wooden serving spoon and fork. It is made out of an incredible wood with intricate detail and a smooth varnish. It almost looks like it is from the 70s but has a contemporary edge to it. The best part is that he made it by hand!!

  8. The best wedding gift is money to pay off the wedding bills and spend on the honeymoon :-)

  9. Our best wedding gift was a great tool set that we still use 10+ years later.

  10. The best wedding gift I have given was a Fiesta tea pot made in honor of West Virginia Day. Fiesta is made by a WV company and my friend got married on WV Day and she had a tea theme for her shower, so the tea pot tied everything together.

  11. The best gift I received was my husband’s family bible dating back to the early 1800s. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. My favorite wedding gift was hand embroidered linens made by my husband’s Irish grandmother-it was priceless!!

  13. Love the cash!

  14. The bet wedding gift I ever received was a puppy named :Missy: Many Thanks

  15. My favorite wedding present was a beautiful sampler a cousin I really wasn’t that close to made me. I know how many hours she spent making it for me and it’s been a treasure for over 23 years.

  16. A quilt from my aunt.

  17. My favorite wedding gift was a ceramic quiche dish which I used all the time but it broke on my last move. I miss it.

  18. A crock pot. Seriously.

  19. My favorite wedding gift was a locket from my great great grandmother. It had been passed down for generations Someday I will pass it down to my daughter who will cherish it as much as I do.

  20. My wonderful extended family. đŸ˜‰ Thanks.

  21. my grandmother made a beautiful quilt for my wedding present

  22. Homemade embroiery of the wedding rings with all their wedding information, framed. Please enter me, thank you

  23. I would say dishes and pots and pans besides cash of course!!

  24. The house.
    The car.
    The permit in wedding travel.

  25. cash

  26. We give cash as it’s always something they need!

  27. A beautiful gift basket of Champagne , chocolate and goodies delivered to the hotel for the wedding night..yummy

  28. The best wedding gift I received was a picnic basket with dishes, utensils, etc. We use it over and over and over and it was unusual.

  29. Embarassing pictures from childhood – excellent blackmail fodder for years to come.

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