Pink and Black

Wine Gifts: Champagne and European Rose NectarOkay, I’ll admit it…I went to high school in the 80’s, had a boyfriend with a camaro and a mullet, and wore mini skirts when it was snowing just to look totally rad for said boyfriend. One of my favorite outfits was a black mini skirt with a pink off the shoulder sweater, black boots and of course pink socks sticking out of the boots. I think I had a matching pink hair scrunchie too…I was attracted to the Champagne and European Rose Nectar right when I saw it. I still love pink and black together, although my style has matured a bit. This champagne gift is classy, elegant and feminine. It’s perfect for a Mother’s Day gift, romantic gift, or just to send to a good friend. I think I might buy this gift for me and that totally cool, camaro driving, mullet wearing guy that I married. I wonder if that black mini skirt still fits?

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