Pet Friendly Travel Just Got Friendlier

Dog Travel Bowl

If you know someone who travels frequently or is into very chic pet gifts, take a glance at my pet travel story:

The first road trip with my dog was a disaster. Bonsai was a puppy and we were on an epic drive from Florida to Ohio. I had her food, bowls, doggie sweaters, leash, and treats all bunched together in a plastic shopping bag.

One the first night of travel my hotel room was, of course, on the third floor. I remember trying to haul Bonsai’s bag while wheeling my suitcase behind me, carrying a bag of fast food in one hand, and the end of Bonsai’s leash, as well as having a toiletry bag slung over my shoulder. And you just know that Bonsai was on the other end of the leash acting like a jumping bean. I must have looked like a bag lady in distress as I heaved and hoed up the hotel stairs at the mercy of a 15 lb dog.

These days I travel in style with my dog, and I rely heavily upon the Dog Travel Bowl. It’s easy to transport, plus it looks super cute. Sometimes if we are traveling for just one night, I will store Bonsai’s kibble inside the bowls to eliminate even more clutter. She likes it, I like it, and it’s one less thing to worry about when traveling.

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