Favorite Drink, Favorite Candidate?

A recent Opinion Research Poll of 950 registered voters suggests that a voter’s drinking preference may reveal their political persuasion and candidate preference. According to the results, beer drinkers are more likely to vote for Sen. John McCain, while those who enjoy wine say that they are more likely to vote Democratic.

Among beer drinkers, McCain has about a 50% edge over Clinton, though he is in a virtual tie with Obama. On the other side of the coin, wine drinkers prefer Clinton and/or Obama over McCain in almost every instance.

The apparent political differences are believed to boil down to matters of gender and class – men are notoriously big beer drinkers while women prefer wine over beer, as do higher-income Americans and college graduates.

Overall, 28% of Americans say they prefer beer to wine and 31% say they enjoy a glass of wine over a bottle of brew. The rest claim that they do not consume alcohol in any form. Deductively, that’s 41% of the population, so you can draw your own conclusions about the veracity of these types of polls. Still food for thought, though!

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