Elegant Wedding Favors

Specialty Gifts: Engraved Take-Out Box with Fortune CookieWe’ve all been to weddings where there is a pile of birdseed and a votive candle wrapped in cellophane waiting for us as a favor. It is really no way to thank a guest for the $250.00 mixer they just bought! So what would be an appropriate gift? There are many options but the main objective should be something they can and would want to keep for years to come.

If you are having an intimate wedding and would like to treat your guests, consider the Engraved Take-Out Box with Fortune Cookie. You can personalize it with the recipients name or if you want to save some money you can put your names and wedding date on it and give out one per family. It even comes gift wrapped so it is ready when you receive it.

If you have a little extra time and money to spend you can find an online fortune cookie company and ask them to create a customized fortune cookie with your message inside. An example would be, “Thank you for joining us in celebration!” This can then be placed inside the box as a wonderful surprise. Your guests will surely be impressed!


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