Specialty Gifts: Baja Pink Leather Backgammon SetI have a friend that I love dearly who is a little on the eclectic side. She is a most worthy Scrabble opponent, (one of our best games was over six hundred) and knows weird trivia like what was Mr. Belvedere’s first name or who won on episode 22 of Name That Tune in 1984. She loves games that I’ve never even heard of let alone played like Put & Take or Miss Abigail’s Time Warp, and we frequently get together for a game of cut throat, down & dirty, winner take all chess, cards or whatever game strikes our fancy that day.

So, what am I getting my fun loving friend for her upcoming birthday in July? Why, the Baja Pink Leather Backgammon Set of course! Have you seen this thing? It’s a hot pink and cool tangerine all in one game set that even has little pink dice! I’ll have the top of the leather case embossed with the words Game Master and I’m quite sure she will flip out when she sees this one of a kind gift. After she graciously thanks me and raves over the uniqueness of this gift, (and my great taste of course!) we’ll promptly sit down, roll up our sleeves, stare each other in the eye and declare GAME ON!

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