Engraved Wine Bottle = Easy Birthday Present

Wine Gift Crates: Engraved Birthday Bottle of Snoqualmie WineOur in-house engraver frequently needs to test specific products to ensure that engraving is possible, and we GiftTree employees occasionally get to take said products home with us. It’s true, we are quite lucky.

Today I was hemming and hawing about a birthday party I have to attend this evening for a fringe friend, and my boss was kind enough to hand me a sample bottle of Chardonnay that had “Happy Birthday” engraved on it. Okay, maybe she just wanted me to stop complaining. Either way, I now have a lovely wine gift that looks fabulous and will be well-received. One less thing to worry about (unless of course that fringe friend is reading this blog right now).

That got me to thinking that maybe I should have an entire fleet of wine bottles engraved with “Happy Birthday.” It might make for an odd looking personal cellar, but it would also mean that I would hypothetically never have to shop for a birthday present again! Obviously after years of receiving engraved wine bottles, my friends and family might begin to question my motives, but at least they would still be getting a nice bottle of wine, right?

I promise I will calm down about this idea by my blog next week, but in the meantime you may want to consider checking out some of our engraving options on my personal favorite, our Engraved Birthday Bottle of Snoqualmie Wine.

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