Humane Society Walk Run for the Animals

Kimber Huntington Webb – Humane Society for Southwest Washington

GiftTree and the Humane Society for Southwest Washington both recognize the value that companion animals play in our lives and work together to help ensure the thousands of homeless animals in our community receive the second chance they deserve. Join us for the 17th annual Walk Run for the Animals on Saturday, May 3rd at Esther Short Park. Registration and fun in the park begin at 7 a.m. Our 5K Fun Run starts at 8:45 a.m. and the Walk begins at 9 a.m.

The Humane Society for Southwest Washington cares for more than 13,000 animals each year. It is not uncommon for us to receive 80 animals a day. Your support helps them receive the medical attention they need and a warm, safe place to stay while they await their forever homes.

Tessa and Faye
TessaEmaciated, sick, and clearly over-bred, Tessa, a Treeing Walker Coonhound, arrived at our shelter late last fall. It was obvious she had suffered severe physical trauma and emotional stress. Tessa was missing chunks from her ears, a sign of being attacked by other dogs. She trembled in fear and was unwilling to rise from her bed. Her earlier trauma combined with the noise, stress and unfamiliarity of the shelter was taking its toll.

After a complete physical exam by our clinical staff, they knew Tessa needed out of the shelter to fully recover. Adoption seemed unlikely in her current state. Tessa urgently needed some tender care, love and focused attention to help her gain trust and confidence.

Fortunately our shelter had recently promoted Faye Smith to our new Canine Coordinator position. Faye decided to take Tessa to her home for the respite she desperately needed. Tessa spent the first few hours at her new foster home hiding in a doghouse in the backyard. Unable to coax her out, Faye lifted the doghouse up to reveal a cowering Tessa. Faye gently led her inside.

Tessa had never lived inside, experienced tile floors, or walked with a leash. She hid under the bed for days, only coming out to eat and go to the bathroom. Faye devoted four months of intense training, love and care to sweet Tessa. As a result, Tessa now walks outside on a leash, accepts other pets, enjoys treats, and expresses her newfound happiness with glamorous eyes and a wagging tail!

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  1. I also am a foster parent for the Humane Society and I love it . I currently have 2 foster kittens named Luke and Leigha, they came to me just to get to weight, (they have to be 2 pounds to be adopted.) Leigha is there but brother still isn’t quite 2 pounds yet. As soon as he is they go back and get to go get a permanent home.
    If you think you might have the time and space to help get a great pet to adoptable status, call the Humane Society @ 360.693.4746 they can always use the help.

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