My Airport is Better Than Your Airport

May I brag a little bit? My job permits me to travel to various places in the world. I’ve had the pleasure (and the dismay) of visiting numerous airports. Home base is Portland, OR. I must say that the Portland airport has got to be the nicest, most traveler friendly airport I have come across. Known as PDX, the facility has restaurants, fine art, children friendly areas, wide gateways, clean restrooms, easy access to mass transit, a top notch and pleasant security staff and plenty of coffee kiosks. What’s the best feature? Hands down it is the short term parking garage. I love this place! Every single parking spot has a sensor overhead that identifies if the spot is taken or open. If a car is in the spot, the light is red. If the spot is empty, the light is green. From the far far end of the row I can see if there is an open parking space. No more trolling the lanes to find a spot to park. I know, it sounds ridiculous to be so enamored with a parking structure, but it really is very cool. Haven’t you ever been late to pick somebody up at the airport and added even more to your tardiness because you have been searching for the best parking space? Have you ever spotted another group of people about to pile into their car to leave and then hover by them so you may claim their spot? Come on, you know you have. PDX has eliminated all that nonsense. Now if they would only install those little lights in the parking lot at the mall during the Christmas shopping season…

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  1. That is so weird… I was just thinking about that the other day. When I was traveling last summer I had the same airport experience. I’ve been to many airports myself and must say that PDX airport does feel more warming.

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