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Specialty Gifts: Heirloom Tomato Garden in a PailMy 8 year old granddaughter and I share a love of gardening, so I’m always on the lookout for things that a child can plant without too much mess or supervision. Her favorite things are in pots, (as anyone who’s been to my house can attest to!) and there’s never been a shortage of things to put in them. I can’t count the times she’s poked a hole in the dirt, shoved in a seed and voila, a new and amazing genus of plant species is born!

I try to keep her imagination alive by inventing stories about the inhabitants of each pot or container, or by taking her on walks to look for exotic seeds or flowers of the neighborhood. We have invented special names for our new and amazing plant species, (like the uwannalotofem, a special strawberry that once you taste it, you’ll want a lot of them, and so forth.) I told her once that there was no such thing as a weed, there were only misplaced plants, and she reminded me of this just recently as I was complaining (quite loudly) to her grandpa about all of the weeding I had to do. She put her little hand on her hip & said “Grandma! They aren’t weeds they’re displaced plants!” What could I say?

With all of the pots and containers I already have strewn about the property, I just couldn’t resist the Heirloom Tomato Garden in a Pail. What’s one more pail for the cause of gardening? This adorable little gift has everything she’ll need to grow her own tomato garden except for the imagination. A new species of mysterymatos could quite possibly be coming to a town near you! Stay tuned…

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