Not All Yellows Are Created Equal

paint.jpgMy husband and I bought a new house about six months ago and the owners before us apparently had no problems living with white walls. I myself love color and felt as if I was a resident of the county jail or at least a psychiatric ward. The thing is my husband and I couldn’t agree on anything except the fact that we needed to paint.

After much debate we finally agreed the kitchen should be a yellow so we both went through some paint chips and selected a yellow we thought would be nice. The problem we ran into is that not all yellows are created equal. I chose a soft and buttery warm hue and he had color matched a rubber duck!

I couldn’t stand the thought of having people over and having to hand them sunglasses as they entered our kitchen for a cup of coffee. So I did a little research and found something that could save marriages worldwide. It is called the “color visualizer” by Sherwin Williams. It allows you to select a room scene and paint it in any color they carry. I showed my husband a sample kitchen that had white cabinets like ours and then plugged in the color I had envisioned which is called Blonde. Once he saw this you know what he said, “Well, yeah that’s what I wanted all along.” Sheesh!

The color visualizer tool can be found at:

Do you have a color horror story, we’d love to hear from you….

  1. I love this color visualizer tool! I’ve seen similar, but this one is so easy to use. I’m actually in the process of slowly re-painting my entire house, room by room. I’m the type of person who can take an hour to compare whites in the paint section of the store so this tool will make things so much easier!

  2. My husband to be is a professional painter. He is constantly bringing home paint left over from the job sites. When he decided to paint the living room, I didn’t have much say in what color it was painted. My living room has an accent wall of Safeway yellow and a nice clay color from some condo’s he painted in downtown Portland.

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