Tips for Giving Your Girlfriend or Wife a Birthday Present

present.jpgThings You’ll Need:

-Wife or Girlfriend
-Small Amount of Creativity

What Not to Do:

-Forgot to sign the birthday card.

-Do not give her something that you want (tool sets, car accessories, sports packages are all out unless that’s her bag).

-Giving an unneeded appliance, like a vacuum cleaner or a blender, is a bad idea unless you want to be hit over the head with it.

-Try to stay away from clothing unless she tells you what to buy. Clothing that it is too small infers that she needs to diet, as does clothing that is way too big (moo moo=bad).

What to Do:

-When in doubt or pressed for time, stick with the classics. Jewelry is always touching and we like just about any kind.

-Take hints. Sometimes we will leave magazines out or browser windows open with items that we want (iPods, purses, etc.). Do you notice your wife or girlfriend talking about a subject a lot, such as hiking or horses? If so, buy her some riding lessons or get her a gift card to REI.

-Purchase tickets to a show or event (theater, Broadway, or ballet, and yes, you do have to go with her). Even if the event is not on her birthday, it will be fun to look forward to and plan. Cirque du Soleil is making the rounds across the states…very romantic and fun.

-Get her a pair (or two) of shoes. First, take a look at her closet. If all of the shoes are made by Dansko and size 38, it will be hard to go wrong when shopping.

-Become involved in activities that you both can participate in, which will make shopping for related accessories a breeze. For example, if you both start playing tennis together, you can purchase her a nice racket or take her to an upscale tennis or country club out-of-town for the day.

-Add to her collection. A book by her favorite author, the latest DVD collection of her favorite TV series, a movie with a favorite actor or actress: all good ideas.

-Brainstorm about the things she loves and write a list. Take an item and buy her an expensive version of it or buy a lot of it. For instance, does she love Oregon Pinots? Buy an exemplary bottle or purchase an entire case of her favorite vintage.

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  1. Do not, under any circumstances, by your new wife a cellphone in the country she just moved to FOR YOU. And by NO MEANS should you EVER, when your own mother asks what to get your new wife for her birthday, say “Well, I just bought her a cell phone, you can help pay for that….”


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