Queen’s Day in the Netherlands: One Crazy Birthday Party

Gift Towers: Spring Fling TowerEvery April 30th in the Netherlands, the Antilles, and Aruba celebrate Koninginnedgag, or Queen’s Day. Originally a celebration of the Queen Juliana’s birthday, it is now mainly known for a raucous party and an open market where, for that one day in the year, anyone is allowed to sell literally anything they want in the streets. Mainly celebrated in Amsterdam, this unusual birthday party is a sight to behold.

To add to the celebration, everyone is decked out in outlandish orange attire. The color orange refers to the name of the royal Dutch family, the House of Orange. There are orange colored foods and refreshments, orange decorations, and extreme amounts of orange clothing and creative accessories worn as well. Often the water in the fountains is dyed orange, and it is not an uncommon sight to see people impersonating the queen, usually not in a very flattering fashion.

If you are of Dutch descent or just looking for a good reason to throw a party, we suggest celebrating Koninginnedag by having an orange décor and food theme. Start with the Days of Sunshine bouquet as an elegant and festive centerpiece. For food, the easiest route is our popular Spring Fling Tower. Tied up with an orange ribbon, the four towers hold an array of treats perfect for a party, including bright orange citrus jellies.

Have fun!

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