What’s in a Name?

Specialty Gifts: Engraved Baby CupI know naming your baby is a huge deal, but can you believe there are consultants to help choose a name for your newborn? Yes it’s true. I’ve been reading some articles and people have spent anywhere from $50 to $500; Wow! There’s also quite a bit of software you can purchase. I found blogs, polls, phonetic searches, you name it, I found it. I remember my parents put a fish bowl down at the local hang out where they knew most everyone. People would write the name they liked and toss it in the fish bowl. When my Mom gave birth to one of my siblings they took out all of the names and whichever name was in the bowl the most was chosen. I guess that’s the old fashioned way. Congratulations Travis! 🙂
Most people are veering away from traditional family and biblical names. As a whole, the American population sways between trendy and spiritual names. Having and naming babies has become a very fashionable thing to do. Take Nevaeh for instance, this name is in the top 50 baby names. Guess what it means… It’s heaven spelled backwards. A lot of people will find a unique spelling when they decide on a traditional name. Like Ashlee or Karmen. Good thing we decided to offer engraved gifts! It’s got to be hard to personalize things these days with so many new names and variations of the old favorites. We have a ton of baby gifts that are just waiting to be personalized. So when your best friend is about to give birth and you don’t know what to get her check out the Engraved Baby Shoe Keepsake, Baby Cup or the Sterling Silver Baby Frame. They are all beautiful and you can have any name spelled any way you like.

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