Strange Pets

HedgehogWhen people think of pets, they usually think of dogs and cats.  Maybe the occasional fish or bird.  I, however, have a family friend who owns a Hedgehog. Her name is Ruby and she is the cutest little thing. She has so much personality, loves to play and is even litter box trained. They’re not allowed to be kept as pets in some areas, so our friend had to do a little research before adopting her. I had another friend growing up who had Guinea Pigs. Now, those are some loud pets!

I got to thinking about what other kinds of animals people keep as pets. I read that  having reptiles as pets has increased 22% since a 2006 survey, and today, 13.5 million Americas say that they have at least one reptile. That’s way too many for my comfort!
So what about you? Do you own rats, mice, lizards or how about (my least favorite!) a tarantula? I’ve always been more of a traditionalist who prefers cats and dogs, but who knows, maybe this weekend I’ll go to the pet store and get a couple of Hermit Crabs.

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  1. My husband tells me stories about the pet Spider Monkey he had growing up as a child. She would wait at the bus stop for him with his mother when he came home from school, and would literally jump on him as soon as he got off the bus. I told him that judging from what I’ve heard monkeys do, he’s pretty lucky!

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