Fundraising is the Name of the Game

One of the most popular fundraising methods for not-for-profit organizations are auctions or silent auctions. There are typically an abundance of donated gifts from the community and although every contributor has the best of intentions, packaging often goes by the wayside. And as we all know, packaging can make or break the “sale.”

GiftTree recently had the privilege of teaming up with Portland CampFire to help package donated items for the upcoming auction at their Blue Jeans and BBQ event. The packaging makes the auction items more appealing to bidders and helps bring in more funds. And of course, with fundraising, that literally is the name of the game. GiftTree feels fortunate to partner with our friends in the community and to have the opportunity to put our packaging expertise to work for such a good cause.

Now we want to hear from you. We’ll use The Gift Exchange as a platform to share fundraising ideas, information about our charitable partners and opportunities for getting involved. We invite you to post a comment to introduce your not-for-profit organization or let us know about your upcoming fundraiser. Come on, this is your opportunity to give a shout out for your favorite cause!

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