Balcony Gardens

There’s no reason why someone living in a condo or apartment can’t have a great little sanctuary of his or her own. Below are some ideas to help get you started.

  • If your balcony is narrow, think up! Hang gorgeous baskets from the ceiling above you.
  • Integrate a small trellis into your design so that plants can climb up and provide a lush screen. This will give you a wonderful secret garden and some privacy too.
  • Use a fountain that is normally for interior tabletops and place on an overturned pot. The relaxing sound will let your chi flow and drown out your neighbors!
  • If you have room, place at least a small chair in the corner for you to enjoy your space.
  • Limited on room? Purchase a natural fiber exterior grade hallway runner for a narrow exterior rug that can be used as extra seats.

Remember your home is castle, and no castle is complete without a wonderful garden! Be creative and think in three dimensions. Do you have some tips or tricks? We’d love to hear from you!

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