Top 10 Silly Holidays

There are numerous holidays that aren’t necessarily big gifting holidays. Sometimes these holidays are so silly, the thought of having the day as a holiday is a gift in itself. So to help spread the holiday cheer and perhaps my juvenile enjoyment of the obscure, here is a list of my top 10 favorite odd holidays:

  1. January 14th – Clean Off Your Desk Day. I use this holiday as an excuse not to have to clean off my desk the remaining 364 days of the year.
  2. January 27th – Chocolate Day. I admit that this holiday should never be classified as “silly.” To the contrary, I cannot be serious enough about chocolate. This is a day to indulge!
  3. February 20th – Love Your Pet Day. This holiday is like Christmas for my dog. She gets treats all the time, but she gets showered with gifts on this fun holiday.
  4. March 1st – Share a Smile Day. I typically smile quite a bit, but I think people thought I was flirting with them at the grocery store this year. I might have to re-think my strategy for celebrating this holiday.
  5. June 16th – National Fudge Day. Again, serious business. Need I say more?
  6. July 27th – Parent’s Day. My son thinks this holiday is unfair since we also have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I say, it’s a perfect day for presents so bring it on!
  7. August 5th – Sister’s Day. I don’t think this holiday is silly. I’m just using it to give a shout out to my two sisters, Cheryl and Shannon. Hayyy girls!
  8. September 28th – Good Neighbor Day. This is the day that I like to treat my neighbors to peace and quiet. It’s very popular in my neighborhood.
  9. October 26th – Mother-in-Law’s Day. Not one of my absolute faves, but it is a good opportunity to buy my mother-in-law a nice gift so she loves me more than the other wives.
  10. December 4th – National Cookie Day. Working at GiftTree, I am constantly surrounded by gourmet cookies and treats. National Cookie Day let’s me enjoy the cookies without the guilt.

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