All Hands on Deck

Gift Towers: The City Block Snack TowerWorking at GiftTree means you are a team player. During the holidays especially, all departments jump in where needed. The owners are taking customer calls, and the IT department is making gift baskets. It truly is a time for camaraderie and holiday spirit. I was able to spend a Saturday in December working in our warehouse putting together The City Block Snack Tower. I folded the boxes, put the snack items in the corresponding box, tied the bow (only briefly), and got it ready for shipping. I was able to spend time with co-workers that I don’t get to see often. In fact, I got to know our accountant Liz better because she was there helping as well. I am not used to standing all day, so my back kind of hurt after 8 hours, but all in all it gave me an appreciation for our production team. They work hard at making sure each basket leaves our warehouse looking perfect. There are no machines or robots doing the work. It’s all done by hand by people that really care about our customers and how well the gift is received. I did learn that you have to have a unique gift to tie bows…which is probably why I was not put on bow duty…

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