Adolescent Dog Desires to Learn New Tricks

Deb and OliverOkay, let’s be honest, the only things my dog really desires are tennis balls and never ending fields to chase them in. My dog defines his breed better than any other retriever I’ve ever met! He eats, sleeps and breathes retrieving; he literally moves his legs like he’s running when he’s asleep! So, I don’t think he’s really interested in learning any new tricks but I would love it.

My dog has a great personality, good temperament, he’s mellow (unless there’s a tennis ball around) and he’s pretty well trained in most areas and there’s the hitch. I can’t walk my dog on a leash. This of course is my own fault for not investing the time to train him. He would rather eat the leash than be led around by it and I would rather have him running free by my side than be restraining him on a leash. Normally this works out well for us. We live on a quiet dead end street with a cul de sac. Outings for us consist of open fields, mountain tops and wooded groves. He’s not a city dog by any means. The problem is, I’m moving to the city. All be it the very small “city” of downtown Vancouver, Wa, but it’s still full of traffic. So, now I find myself needing to train him to walk nicely on a leash and it seems nearly impossible! I’ve read all the books and done all the research but he’s just not having it! I will continue with my struggle; there’s no quitting on this one but if anyone out there has words of wisdom to offer I would love to hear them!!

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