Brandy – My Favorite Gift

Luxury Wine Baskets: Around the World Wine ChestBrandy Brown, Customer Service Representative

There are many gifts that I love at Gift Tree. One that I think is really cool is the Around the World Wine Chest. I’m kind of into that nautical look and I adore things like this. The trunk has that old world map print on it that can be displayed long after the goodies are gone. And believe me, the goodies will not last long. I have tasted many of the goodies in this basket and they are delicious!

One other gift that I really like is the Engraveable Ice Cream Holder. My Dad loves his ice cream. He has a bowl of ice cream every night, occasionally sharing with his dogs. So, when the Ice Cream Holder came to Gift Tree, I thought what the perfect gift! So, for his birthday, he will be getting his own ice cream holder with his name engraved on the front.

The designers at Gift Tree are always coming up with new gifts and designs, so if you ask me next week what my favorite gift is, I’m sure it will change.

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