Going Green with Dagoba

DagobaMy brothers both work in the environmental field and are hyperaware of all of the ecologically sound products on the market. A few years ago I had the unique joy of one-upping them: I gave them a box of Dagoba chocolate bars. At first they shrugged the gift off, but I was quick to correct them that these were ecologically-sound, organic, sustainably grown, non-GMO, and non-irradiated chocolates. Oh the look on their faces.

Now they not only feast on Dagoba, but they give Dagoba gifts to their bosses. This last holiday season The Mediterranean was the gift of choice since it features a Dagoba chocolate bar front and center, plus it fits the bill in a green themed basket.

About Dagoba: started by an enterprising 30 year old with a taste for chai and chocolate, the Oregon-based company is now the premier ecologically-sound, organic chocolate producer in the States. They strongly focus on equity, ecology and community. Their products range from classic chocolate bars to blends and infused creations, chocolate nibs, and drinking chocolates.

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  1. I love your blog. There is so much out there which is worthless, but this is a real gold mine of quality information. Many thanks from a grateful surfer – Beth Little.

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