A World of Thanks

Gourmet Gift Baskets: A World of ThanksA friend of mine just called looking for a gift to send a colleague of hers. She basically wanted to thank her attorney for all she does for her and her new business. I made a few suggestions of my favorites. My friend decided to order “A World of Thanks” because not only is the trunk it comes in a great keepsake, but some of the items in the trunk actually say Thank You, which was the message she wanted to get across. This gift can really say thank you for a number of different reasons. It can be between a company and a client, a company and employees, or between friends. It’s impressive enough to be corporate, but fun enough to be personal.

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  1. Great recommendation! I sent the gift to friends of mine and they continue to rave about it. They said everything inside was really tasty–much better than typical gift baskets. They especially liked the chocolate covered sunflower seeds and the Greek pastries.

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