The Hardest Part of Writing a Wedding Invitation

Since family dynamics have long since changed from 1950’s and there are more extended families due to divorces and multiple marriages, the first and most difficult step of writing any wedding invitation is deciding who will be doing the inviting. Traditionally the brides’ parents pay for the wedding so the invitation reads something along the lines of, “Mr. And Mrs. John Smith request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Shannon Elizabeth to Steven Michael Collins son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Collins.”

These days’ invitations are bit more challenging and many couples have opted for a more casual tone. Some of the more casual invitations may say, “Shannon and Steven would like to ask you to join them in celebration as they join hands in matrimony.” This alleviates any offense that may arise when you only mention your current stepmother and not your first or second stepmother! For more ideas you can go to and search for “how to write a wedding invitation.” 

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  1. As a wedding stationer myself I agree that wording can be difficult in certain circumstances relating re-marriage and the like. Many customers in this situation often ask which is the best way to word their invitations without causing offense. Thanks for the web link, this way come in very handy if I get stuck one day.

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