Soggy Dog

Soggy Dog Ultimate Drying TowelAll of us that live in the Pacific Northwest know one thing for sure; it’s wet here!! If you own a dog then you’re no stranger to the wet meanderings of your pooch through sodden backyards and mud puddles. My dog literally seeks out the biggest puddles he can find just to run and splash through them! Since it rains here for about eight months out of the year, as a dog owner, you don’t want to be caught without a towel. I keep one in my car, at my backdoor, front door and since I have the luxury of bringing my dog to work with me, I keep one in my office too.

GiftTree recently started carrying the most fabulous product for my towel dilemma. The Soggy Dog -The Ultimate Drying Towel makes drying off my pooch a breeze. The pockets on each end fit my hands perfectly and allow me to really get in there and get my dog dried off quickly and easily. I no longer have to wrestle trying to get the towel not to slide around as my oaf of a dog wiggles about. I just make him sit and start drying. This towel also makes cleaning and drying your dogs paws super easy since the corners of the towel essentially glove your hands in soft terry cloth. It’s a great discovery for dog owners everywhere!

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  1. These are awesome! I’m in Seattle and it is always wet here. I got one and loved it so much, I am ordering one for my parents and one for each of my sisters.

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