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Baby Gift Baskets: Little Froggy Bath Tote

Wendi Estrada, Operations Manager

I’ve worked at GiftTree for over 5 years now and I would have to say my “favorite” gift has changed throughout the years. I do believe our current line of gifts is high end and very unique. I have a few different favorites. One new area we are delving into here at GiftTree is personalized gifts. I think our Engraved Chopsticks are a wonderful gift. It is a set of two very stylish chopsticks that are engraved upon. Great for weddings, birthdays and “just because gifts.” I recently bought a set for my sister and she thought they were a great gift.

In the baby gift baskets category, I have a couple of different faves. First one being the Twilight Turtle (we have one of these at my house). It’s just a fun nightlight, great gift for younger kids. Both my 2 year old and my 5 year old like the Twilight Turtle. And who could resist the Little Froggy Bath Tote? Cute! Frogs go well for either boy or girl and the red leather tote is great for storage later.

If you need a gift for your mom or someone who enjoys tea, the Duet Tea Set by Tea Forte is a gorgeous gift. The teas are wonderful and the cups and tea bag holders are very stylish. I do have one more gift that I really enjoy and I think it would be very impressive for the recipient and that is the Vintage Wine Barrel. This gift is very unique in the gift basket market and unlike many baskets I think it is a great gift for a man when a gift basket doesn’t feel masculine enough to the sender.

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