Tea for Two

Specialty Gifts: Duet Tea Set by Tea ForteGuest Blogger: Doug

When was the last time you invited a friend over for tea? Have you ever? I myself did this recently, and we really had a lot of fun. Rituals can be so rewarding and sharing them with a friend even more so.

I really wish I’d had our Duet Tea Set by Tea Forte for my afternoon with my friend. I’m the kind of person who’d want to try a different one than my companion, and take a sip of theirs, but I have a feeling Lisa would want us both to try the same kind each time we meet, so we can compare notes and share the same experience.

What’s cool about the Duet Tea Set by Forte is that it has tried and true teas like Earl Grey and Mint, but also mysterious flavors like Black Currant and Oasis. I want to try that one based on its name alone. Speaking again of ritual, the preparing of tea is kind of a fun one. First, I start with cold, filtered water and the best teapot I can afford. Preferably one made of a ceramic. Plastics and cheap metals make the water taste odd (in my opinion at least).

Then, I boil the water and add honey to the bottom of the cup if desired. I have no exact science to back this up, but I swear this helps the honey sweetness get more distributed and that’s good enough for me!

I would have loved to have had the cup covers that come with this set. I usually steep my tea with a saucer over the cup; how cool would it have been to have a specially made cover?

I’m definitely going to grab one of these for myself. Plus, the packaging is really awesome, and I am a huge packaging geek.

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