Aromatherapy – Tried and True Reasons to Spoil YOURSELF

Guest Blogger: Doug

I myself am a huge fan of any and all spa and aromatherapy experiences. From those at the tony spas found in most metropolitan areas, to a new bar of French milled soap, I love it all.

Sometimes it really is the small experiences that can change your mood and uplift your spirits. Aromatherapy for some people (including myself), is of the highest importance.

Pampering yourself in a green way is also very possible. Any high end grocery or home store will have scented candles that are made from soy, and use only essential oils. You’re going to find that these types of candles are about 25% more typically, but it’s really worth the peace of mind knowing you’re not breathing in chemicals in the midst of your aromatherapy.

When looking for this type of candle or scent, trust your first instincts. One of my best clues is shopping with a friend (someone who knows you really well). If you make a face when smelling a scent, they’re likely going to notice. You’re also likely to say something very affirmative or very negative. Look for patterns in your choices. Do you tend to like citrus? Warm (such as cinnamon or nutmeg)? Floral? Find something natural, and enjoy filling your home with things that compel you to breathe deep and relax.

The bathroom is the best place to get your aromatherapy time in. The steam mixes with natural scents to calm and soothe. This is why we were all given baths before bedtime as kids! Relaxing is a natural byproduct of the aromatherapy experience.

For myself, scents in the bathroom (excluding cologne), should be either citrus or mint based. This doesn’t mean that it has to be only grapefruit and only spearmint, but I try to stay away from anything too perfumed. I’ve definitely overdone it at various times. More is not necessarily more in this instance.

Generally, I’ll do something like a grapefruit scrub, lemon shampoo, and orange face moisturizer. The subtle tones of the differing fruits are very refreshing without being oppressive. So, next time you’re shopping for some new bath products, hit up a specialty grocery or natural products store and spend a little extra cash on something that smells terrific.

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  1. I love your passion about this subject and you have some great
    ideas too!I love the different mixtures that can be created it
    definitely enhances our well being!

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