Peace Lily and Quiet

Plants: Peace LilyHave you ever received a plant as a gift and within a week it was starting to look puny? By the time you call the gift giver to thank them the plant has been mulching in the compost for a few days already. As a person with not much of a green thumb I constantly look for plants I can’t kill and the Peace Lily is a perfect choice. The Peace Lily is a plant whose stem and leaves will die at the end of each season but will come back for two or more years. It has white blooms and large glossy deep green leaves. It is easy to care for, as it does not require much light or water to survive which is perfect for those of us with brown thumbs! Not only is it beautiful, it has the ability to filter the air better than most plants. So even a novice gardener can breathe easy when they receive a Peace Lily!

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