Bottled Pleasures: Giving the Gift of Wine

Luxury Wine Baskets: Wine and Gourmet Gift BasketA friend of mine recently told me that, now she that is in her mid-30’s, she only drinks wine because beer and spirits make her tired while wine has a “happy” uplifting effect on her. Maybe it was because we were drinking great Pinot Noir while dining on award-winning Peruvian food, but what she said resonated deeply.

Wine, in relative moderation, does make a person feel good, and this makes it such an easy gift to give with a variety of potential applications. Lovebirds can share a bottle over candlelight and truffles, gourmands appreciate how wine enhances foods, and, well, some of us just need a glass or two after a hard day’s work. In any case, wine does often uplift the spirit and soothe the soul, and has done so for centuries.

The tricky part to giving wine is choosing what kind of wine to give. Red varieties are numerous and range from Syrahs to Zinfandels to Merlots. Each variety is classified according to the grapes they are produced from, and have dramatically different tastes. White varietiels are just as numerous, not to mention rosé or sparkling wines.

If you do not know your recipient’s preferred variety, a good idea is to overshoot the mark by sending a collection of wine. A great example for accomplishing this is our Wine and Gourmet Gift Basket. Featuring three kinds of wine from three different vineyards, there is sure to be a wine to please even the most finicky palette.

If you do know the recipient’s preference, be assured that they will know which vintages are of high quality. Focus on one superior bottle for your gift. For instance, if your friend is a known Merlot lover, send an outstanding bottle in an elegant presentation. My favorite for both appearance and taste is the Kestrel Signature Edition Old Vine Merlot.

Good luck with your selection of wines, and remember that no matter which direction you go, you can’t lose with this classic gift.

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